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Women are vastly underrepresented in the Mississippi legislature. Approximately 12.5% of members of the House of Representatives and about 17.6% of members of the Senate are women. 

There are over 1,500 local and statewide seats in Mississippi that will need Democrats on the ballot in 2024.

Are you thinking about running for City Council? What about School Board? Or, perhaps a State House seat?  The Mississippi Federation of Democratic Women has a policy for endorsement of Federal, State and Local candidates who support the MFDW platform.

What Does MFDW Do For Candidates?


One of MFDW’s objectives is to get Democrats elected – especially women. Democratic candidates aligned with our MFDW Platform are offered advice and support through our MFDW Candidate Resource Committee and considered for endorsement by our organization through the MFDW Campaign Screening Committee. Candidates endorsed by MFDW are eligible to be considered for financial donations from the MFDW Political Committee.

MFDW is able to help candidates in several ways:

  • We provide training to help candidates get out of the vote, fundraise and build awareness.

  • Grassroots Campaign Committee: Candidates who receive MFDW endorsement are eligible for phone bank and canvassing (if available in the geographic area) assistance.  Using the candidates’ VAN list, MFDW volunteers are available to call and/or canvass Democratic women for one full week per candidate, per election, to get out the vote. 

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