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The objective of the Mississippi Federation of Democratic Women shall be to unite women of the Mississippi Democratic Party, to encourage full participation of women at every level of the Democratic Party structure, and to promote the cause of the Mississippi Democratic Party.

We regard the equal representation of women in Mississippi government, in state offices, in the state legislature, in county offices, on city councils and on school boards, as a fundamental question of fairness for women in terms of their access to Mississippi's democratic institutions.

In today’s political arena, women make up more than fifty percent of the voting population. Women have become one of the nation’s most vocal, strongest and reliable constituencies. Whether it is grass roots organizing, leading a cause or spearheading a movement, women are always in the forefront. The influence a large female constituency can have on elected representatives is often underestimated. All elected officials realize they depend on their female constituency to campaign and keep them in office. For this reason, they must always consider the opinions and perspectives of women. A well-organized group of women, working together for a common cause can make a huge difference in the outcome of an issue.

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