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The Audit Committee shall audit the Treasurer’s account at the close of the Fiscal Year and report to the Body at the Annual Meeting for approval. Brenda Mosley chairs this committee.


The Bylaws Committee shall review and make recommendations on all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Tessia Holmes-Carter chairs this committee.


The Budget and Finance Committee shall present a proposed budget to the Executive Board for consideration at the first meeting of each fiscal year. Shantay Walton chairs this committee.


The History Committee shall receive all MFDW records, including the Executive Board’s records, publications, official correspondence, committee records and Annual Meeting records. Additionally, the Committee shall aid Clubs    in collecting the same and organizing according to the regulations of the  Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Darrilyn Todd chairs this committee.


The Legislative Committee shall keep abreast of  pending  and proposed   legislation and shall  disseminate    information to the Federation members, together with the view of the committee as to recommended action that chapters and members  should take,  with special emphasis  on issues that pertain to the health and welfare of women and children. Jacquie Amos chairs this committee.


The Membership Committee shall consist of the Vice Presidents of the four Congressional Districts and shall endeavor to organize new clubs and to recruit members-at- large where no local club exists. Dr. Brooke Herman chairs this committee.


The Nominations Committee shall compile a slate of proposed officers for the Federation. A list of the nominees shall be included in the announcement of the annual meeting which has as part of its agenda the election of officers.


The Political Action Committee shall encourage workshops and political training and encourages women to run for office. 


The Programs Committee shall consist of the District Directors, and shall assist the   local clubs with their programs, as requested, and shall plan the program for the Federation's state Convention. Mary Katherine Brown Leadership Institute Dr. Deborah Williams.


The Resolutions Committee  shall present all resolutions to the annual meeting, together with their recommendations. 


The Ways and Means Committee shall plan and execute all fund­ raising with the approval of the Executive Board. Shinea Kirby Jones chairs this committee.

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